10 Awesome Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Place Image

If you are going to tie the knot soon and looking for innovative ideas to decorate the venue, here you go! Here are the top ten ideas that can help you to create that perfect romantic ambience. So, wi

  1. Hanging Kites: Flowers are perfect for traditional wedding décor, but how about something quirky and contemporary? You can use kite hangings to try it. Choose different colours of kites and make a layer of them. This idea is pocket friendly as well.

  2. Colourful Tassels: To make your wedding venue look photogenic, you can use vibrant and colourful tassels. They will look great during the day as well as during the light when matched with twinkling lights. Tassels look amazing at haldi and mehndi ceremonies.

  3. Sarees and Drapes: Draping is a vital part of wedding décor. For mandap decoration, drapes are a must. Have you ever thought that you can try using unused sarees? Make sure you choose colourful sarees or dupattas that go with the theme.

  4. Garlands: Here comes the most essential decoration item: flowers. Be it any country and culture, flowers are considered auspicious during a wedding. You can use various flowers garlands at the entrance and everywhere at the wedding venue.

  5. Lanterns: Glowing lanterns can make your wedding venue look aesthetically pleasing while adding soft light to the ambience. You can either choose old-school lanterns or small glass jars depending upon the theme.

  6. Umbrellas: If you plan to amp up the mehndi zone, go ahead with bright and colourful umbrellas. Hanging a bunch of them will not only cover the place from sunlight but also make every photo look Insta-worthy.

  7. Photobooth: Wedding and photography have become synonymous today. To impress all your cousins and friends, decorate a photo booth at a special corner.

  8. Quotes and Sayings: Quotes décor ideas are quite trending nowadays. You can either choose some famous wedding quotes or frame your own WhatsApp proposal chat laminated at one corner.

  9. Balloons: No, balloons are not only ideal for birthdays but also for weddings. You can search online for wedding balloon decorations to see how you can ideate yours.

  10. Kathputlis: If you want something specifically Indian, go for kathputlis. Whether you hand them or place them, they’ll look very traditional.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the most favourite ideas from above. We wish you all the very best!